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The resilient schools

Youth Without Borders launches a new project in partnership with the municipality, schools in Bannalec, and with FOATZ (Foundation for Organic Agriculture Tanzania) and LTUF, both in Tanzania..

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We are committed to creating access to healthy and responsibly produced food for all. This involves raising awareness about the importance of a healthy diet, including its connection to a healthy living environment, the significance of biodiversity, the exchange of indigenous seeds, and the impact of climate change. We aim to support our partners in Tanzania in their efforts to enhance the autonomy of communities and individuals by enabling them to have a greater influence on their own food production, consumption, and potential sales.

In practice, this means that we are currently involved in supporting the creation of low-cost organic small gardens in schools, starting with Bannalec, of course. In these so-called 'resilient' schools, the gardens are created by and for the students. In doing so, we aim to establish a connection between the schools in Bannalec and those in Tanzania because it is important for students to engage with other cultures, observe similarities and differences, and learn from each other. An organic vegetable garden has been planted at the LTUF school in Tanzania, so that children can now eat vegetables at school, in addition to maize porridge. This way, children learn to grow their own vegetables. In France as well, these skills are no longer considered self-evident. We hope that the example of self-sufficient school gardens will be replicated in many places. We want to work towards establishing an international network of 'resilient' schools and hope to contribute to the creation of a greener and healthier world.

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